My Mom’s Name Ring


Location: Hopewell Antiques Center, Hopewell Junction, Hudson Valley, New York, USA; Material: N/A

This past summer (2015), my dad and I went antiquing in Hopewell Junction and Hyde Park, both of which are in the beautiful Hudson River Valley of New York state.  I love antiquing so much because the clothing, furniture, jewelry, and home decor one can find at antique stores is very unique, not like all of the cookie-cutter, factory-made retail lookalikes.  While my dad bought (with the help of me of course) a beautifully hand painted vintage buffet table with wheels, I was buying a beautiful antique box, decorated with colorful, flowery fabric and the above ring.  I have to confess, this ring is not exactly antique.  Almost everything the Hopewell Antiques Center sells is antiques, but there are a few items they sell that are newer.  These new items included a group of 7-10 rings that had different womens’ names on them.  I glanced at them for a second, and saw “Karen”, my mother’s name, on one of the rings (she past away when I was 18).  Because there were only about 7-10 different names, it was quite a meaningful coincidence to see her name on one of them.  So, I decided to buy one.  It is not very good quality nor was it very well made, but because it has her name on it, it is special to me.


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