A Pashmina From Mecca


Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia; Material: Pashmina (100%)

I am currently writing this post from Dakar, Senegal.  For those who do not know, Senegal is a country in West Africa that is a predominantly Muslim nation.  While living in Dakar, I am/will be working at a school, intercultural center, and relief organization.  Most (or all) of the people I work with at the school areTurkish and Senegalese, and are Muslim.  One of the Senegalese teachers (who I do not know very well and whose name I do not remember/cannot pronounce) recently traveled to Mecca (birthplace of prophet Muhammad and the holy land for Muslims) for a religious pilgrimage.  She brought back a number of beautiful, 100% pashmina scarves for some of the teachers at the school.  I happened to be there when she was giving them to the teachers in the teacher’s room, and she offered me one.  Not knowing her or being Muslim, I felt bad, but she (and all of the other teachers) said it was okay and that a gift is a gift!  I picked the deep purple you see above.  It is so soft and delicate!


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