A Lightening Bolt For Your Thoughts?


Location: Snash, Artists & Fleas Market, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, USA; Material: Silver

These are probably the coolest earrings I own.  I purchased them this past summer (2015) when I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the day, visiting the famous Smorgasburg food festival with my friend Bethany.  After an afternoon of eating, we decided to take a break from food and ventured to the nearby Artists & Fleas Market.  This market has two locations in New York City: one in Chelsea, Manhattan and the other in Williamsburg, Brookyln (which, as you can see above, is the one we went to).  The Artists & Fleas Market is an artisan market filled with local designers selling both re-purposed and original items, all handmade.  The Williamsburg market itself is inside a re-purposed, old building.  Very fitting, right?   While perusing the market, we happened upon a stand that had a huge, lit sign that read “Snash”.  The stand had a unique variety of jewelry, ranging from dinosaur earrings to rings that had “boobs” written on them, to necklaces with city skylines hanging from them.  I was drawn to an array of different lightening bolt earrings (made from different materials) and immediately fell in love.  After picking through all the options, I choose the above pair in silver.  I spoke with the person who was selling the jewelry about the company.  The name “Snash” comes from the jewelry designer and maker’s name, Shanna Nash.  They are pretty successful locally and have also sold some of their pieces to Urban Outfitters (blech, Urban).  Their stuff is a little bit pricey (compared to Forever21, but not compared to like major designer jewelry), but made with love and buying it helps support an independent designer, which is something I am a huge advocate of.  If you are interested in the other lightening earrings (or any of the other jewelry I saw) from Snash, please click here to visit its website.  You won’t be disappointed!


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