A Ring of Beauty in Upcycled Packaging

FullSizeRender(3)Location: Kandu Beads, Chesire, CT, USA; Material: Blue Labradorite & Silver

I am so in love with this ring.  In fact, I fall more and more in love with this ring every time I wear it.  A few months ago (September 2015), my dad and I ventured a short road trip away from where I live in Greenwich, CT to Chesire, CT.  We went to a famous local restaurant called “The Watch Factory Restaurant”, run by Austrian chef Markus Patsch, which was part of a larger group of shops and restaurants, called “The Watch Factory Shoppes”.  Are you seeing a theme here?  Yes, it was a watch factory that was later transformed into a restaurant, with shops around it.  After eating at the restaurant with my dad, I saw a store called “Kandu Beads”, which had a number of beautiful pieces along with Tibetan prayer flags hanging in the windows.  I dragged my dad into the store “for a few minutes”.  Upon arrival, we ran into and spoke with the owner (Debbie, who is also a jewelry maker) and one of the other employees, a metals student at a local college.  Not only did the store have beautifully ready-made pieces, but there were also bowls and bowls of beads, stones, strings, mixed metals, etc. ready to be made by customers.  Debbie told me that she regularly holds jewelry-making classes at the store.  After pursuing the store for a bit, I found a case of hand-crafted rings.  The above ring pictured was one of them.  I absolutely love it.  Debbie told me that many different artists make the pieces in her shop, but that she actually made the one I decided on!  In addition, on the day I purchased this ring, the store was doing a special: 10% of all purchases would go to one of Debbie’s friends that had cancer.  What an amazing cause.  After purchasing the ring and receiving it in the above packaging you see on the left side of the picture, Debbie told me that they receive all of their paper packaging products as leftovers from a nearby candy company.  She explained to me that the store’s relationship with this candy company is mutually beneficial because the company does not have to pay for the necessary garbage/recycling people to come pick up scraps because they give them to the store, while the store gets free (and unique!) packaging for their pieces.  So cool!


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