A Colorful Hair Knot


Location: London, England; Material: Unknown

I purchased this headband/hair knot/whatever you may choose to call it in London when I was studying in the city during my spring 2012 semester in college (I was a sophomore).  My friend Bethany and I went on a mission while in London: to find and drink at the best coffee shops the city had to offer.  I know what you’re thinking, how is that possible and how do you know what’s the best in such a large city?    Well, I actually got ahold of a list (I am not sure about specifics) that specified the best 10 cups of coffee in London (maybe the people who created the list were not experts, but I thought it was a great list to go off of, plus they didn’t disappoint!).  So, I used that as well as a little outside research to go on this coffee journey.  When going to one in particular, Monmouth Coffee (click here for more info), we happened upon a cute boutique and stopped in to look.  I remember eyeing a pile of beautiful headbands that were priced at £5 ($7.50), which I thought was a great deal, especially for London.  After digging through the pile, I found the one you see above.  I do not know what it is made out of or who made it, but I think its beauty and uniqueness are a true testament to the amazing things one can find in London on a random day journeying to a coffee shop (:


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