S[u]n’s Gonna Rise in a Mile


Location: The Little Grass Hut (on Etsy), Maryland, USA; Material: Bronze

Just like the sun, this necklace always brightens my day when I wear it (I couldn’t not make a cheesy weather reference in this entry).  I purchased it within the last few months off Etsy along with another beautiful necklace (which I will write about later) from a shop called “The Little Grass Hut”, based in Maryland, USA.  A place where you can buy “Handmade, Vintage, and Quirky Trappings”-as the description on the shop’s site reads-this cute, upcycled sun necklace perfectly represents the uniqueness of The Little Grass Hut.  I know that with the internet and among millennials, saying something is unique is a little played-out, but I think this shop is great because it has a mixture of handmade, vintage, and upcycled pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind and affordable, the latter of which is key. This particular item was remade from something the shop owner (Victoria) found and felt it “had too much going on”.  She therefore took it apart and created several new pieces with it.  It says on the page for this necklace that she believes it has Native American origins.  I am very happy with the result! Please click here to see the Etsy shop and support Victoria!


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