Chandelier Earrings #2


Location: Mangalore, Karnataka, India; Material: Metal, Beads, etc.

I made an entry a while ago entitled “Chandelier Earrings #1” about similar pair of earrings I purchased while studying abroad in India my spring 2013 semester in college.  As I mentioned in my prior post, these are not actually called “Chandelier Earrings”, but that is what I call them because they look exactly like funky, mini chandeliers hanging from my ears.  These earrings are a traditional Indian design and can be found all throughout the country.  I did not purchase the really expensive versions of them (made from silver, gold, etc.) because I knew this style was probably something I would not wear very often, so I stuck with the cheaper versions.  I was right, I definitely do not wear the “Chandelier Earrings” a lot (especially this colorful pair that are hard to find clothing to match).  Nonetheless, on the occasion I do wear them, I always think of my semester abroad in India.


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