That Malachite Is So Very Right



Location: Marisol’s Consignment, Bethel, CT, USA; Material: Silver & Malachite

First of all, I could not help myself with the cheesy title.  Second of all, this is quite possibly my favorite ring.  I went shopping with my Aunt Suzi at some local thrift/consignment stores nearby to where she lives in Connecticut (which is about an hour away from my hometown) and we popped into a place called Marisol’s Consignment store, which my Aunt’s favorite store.  After looking for a while and trying on a few things, I decided on a beautiful navy blue linen shirt.  While we were paying, I noticed a number of stunning pieces of jewelry inside the main glass case at the store, which doubled as a checkout counter.  After scanning the pieces quickly, I immediately noticed the above piece and asked to look at it.  The woman working at the counter took it out, I tried it on, and I fell in love.  The price said $26, which is a steal for such a great ring, but I told myself I would think about it before purchasing and not make an impulsive jewelry buy (something I am extremely prone to).  Aunt Suzi and I left, went to lunch, and did a little hiking.  By the end of my time with her, I decided I wanted to go back and get the ring before anyone else could have the chance to.  My Aunt told me that it was not necessary and that she would go back and grab it for me the next day.  I saw her a month later (on Easter), when she presented me with the ring.  I put it on right away and profusely thanked her.  I love it so a much, and I wear it almost every day.  Thank you Aunt Suzi!

A note on the piece: When I spoke with the woman at the store (who I believe was the owner), she told me that she was unsure of exactly where the ring was from, but believed that it could either be Native American or Mexican.  So, I did some of my own research based on the symbols that are imprinted on the ring.  After doing so, I have come to the educated conclusion that the ring’s origins are from an Indigenous group in North America, most likely the Zuni tribe, a group that is part of the Pueblo peoples of New Mexico.  I have found the following regarding the symbols on my ring:

-Heartline connected to an arrow: Signifies life force and is often used next to or inside of the symbol of animal (although not on this piece of jewelry), which represents the belief that the breath of life is equal to the force of an animal

-Feathers: Symbols of prayer, ideas, creativity, and honor

-Malachite Stone: Sometimes called “the stone of transformation”, it is believed to have helped people during the transfer of sacred information to spiritual evolution.    Also believed to prevent radiation and be useful in treating asthma, tumors, swollen joints, broken bones, etc.

-Moon w/ Stars: Does not have one meaning amongst the vast array of Indigenous cultures of North America, but the Zuni people recorded such symbols to recount the spring equinox


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