Gem & Point


Location: Tender Loving Empire, Portland, Oregon, USA; Material: Copper & Amethyst

I love this ring so much.  On my trip to Seattle this summer (2016), my friend Elizabeth and I took a small road trip to Portland, Oregon.  This was my first time in Portland, and I was so excited!  As a vegetarian, animal-lover semi-weirdo, I knew I would love Portland.  And I did.  After journeying to the famous Voodoo Doughnuts, Elizabeth humored me and together, we stopped into a store called Tender Loving Empire to fulfill my jewelry-lover needs.  From the window, I saw a variety of hand made goods, from jewelry, to clothing, to chapstick, to other bath care products, and more; but of course the reason I stopped in was for the jewelry.  Out of everything the store sold, its jewelry was the most eye-catching (and not just because of my love of jewelry, but because of the sheer amount and setup of it).

Everywhere I looked, I saw rings, earrings, hair pieces, bracelets, and necklaces.  It took me a very long time browsing to find something that stood out.  In the end, I left with two pieces.  This beautiful ring is one of them.  Throughout my browsing, I asked the very friendly employees (two women who were probably in their late 20s/early 30s) which pieces were Oregon-based.  In other words, I wanted to find something that was locally-made and therefore support a local artist, one of my key jewelry-shopping philosophies when I travel!  In this case, this ring was made by a Portland artist whose company is called “Gem and Point” (please click here for the Etsy page and click here for the ring I bought).  When I saw this ring, I noticed it in a small glass bowl, displayed in beautiful black sand with another ring.  I picked it up, tried it on, and loved it.  The only problem was the price.  I had a hard time spending almost $40 on a ring that was not silver (one of my only rationalizations for spending so much on a ring), but in the end, I decided it was so beautiful and unique from anything else I owned that I had to buy it.  I love it very much and am currently wearing it right now, as I am typing!


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