Fairly Made


Location: Tribe Alive (Website)/Honduras (Made); Material: Brass

 Not only are these earrings beautiful, but they are from a company that supports a good cause.  I purchased them on the website for company Tribe Alive (see here for website).  Based in the US, Tribe Alive is was founded by Carly Burson, who was inspired to start the company by the journey she went on while attempting to adopt a child from a foreign country.  Throughout her adoption journey, she realized she wanted to make a difference in more than one child’s life, which led her to realize one of the major core of all child abandonment in the developing world: the economic insecurity of women.   She had previously worked for years in the fashion industry, but finally decided to put these skills into doing something good (but at the same time, doing well!).  Tribe Alive does an impeccable job of connecting female artisans to the global marketplace by offering their goods to people living worldwide and paying them at a fair price.  Much of the brass jewelry on Tribe Alive’s site is made in Honduras, although they sell goods from all over the developing world.  I love these earrings very much.  They remind me a little bit of tear drops.


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