My name is Emma, and I am 26-year-old graduate of Arcadia University, a small liberal arts school located right outside of Philadelphia.  I graduated with a BA in International Studies, with minors in French and Global Public Health.  While at Arcadia, I had the chance to study abroad twice: in London, England and Manipal, India.  While in India, I studied global public health, which really encouraged my interest in environmental health.  Since leaving Arcadia University, I moved home to Connecticut, worked full time at a Turkish Cultural Center (TCC), spent four months in West Africa (specifically, Senegal), and returned home to work as a Library Assistant at my local library.  I have had the opportunity to travel to Turkey with my former job at TCC as well as on my own after graduation.  As of May 2018, I am a graduate of Pratt Institute with an M.S. in Sustainable Environmental Systems.  I am truly passionate about both traveling and the environment, and believe sustainability on an international scale is so important to our ever-globalizing, overly-polluted world.

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This blog is just for fun.

I also have an incredible love for jewelry and storytelling.  I have an immense collection of my mother’s jewelry from when she traveled when she was younger and I have been adding to this collection with my own purchases from abroad and within the United States.  After going through my mom’s jewelry, I realized that I do not know many of the stories behind the pieces or even where they come from.  Sadly, I became interested in her jewelry after she passed away in 2010, so I was unable to ask her.  This brought my to create “Inside My Jewelry Box”.  This is a blog detailing the variety of beautiful jewelry I have collected, where it is from, what it is made out of, and whether or not there is a story behind it.  In it, I include both my own and my mother’s jewelry.  Almost every piece I own is either handmade, vintage, or upcycled.  I think of my body as a “jewelry mannequin” constantly waiting to be adorned by these beautiful pieces.  Wherever I go, I am always carrying a piece of where I travel with me.


Photo Credit for Both Photos: Elizabeth Richards


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